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Best Free VPN for Torrenting in 2021

When the BitTorrent file distribution system is used to share torrent files then along with sharing those files you will be sharing a lot more than that. You will leave yourself open not only to hackers but also to government agencies and ISP or internet service providers as you will be exposing your IP address. All of them can know about your online activities, which is a breach of the law of copyright and you can be fined for this offense.

This problem can be solved by using a safe virtual private network or VPN that can hide your personal information and IP address while torrenting files anywhere in the world. Most people do not want to use a paid VPN while downloading torrent files for free. Though you can find a wide range of free VPN for torrenting online but it can be overwhelming to find the best options that can provide you the protection and security required to you.

Though free is an attractive tag to attract people to use free VPN for torrenting but experts usually recommend using paid VPNs. It is usually said that a free VPN is as safe and effective as its paid version but a free VPN offers limited features like limited bandwidth, limited server, and limited security. In some cases, a free VPN can also function maliciously.

Finding a free and safe VPN for torrenting

It is a challenge to find a safe and free VPN for torrenting which can protect you not only from your ISP but also from malware while sharing torrent files through the BitTorrent file distribution system. After long research and testing, we have found a few options of free VPN for torrenting which can ensure your safety while sharing torrent files online. Along with testing their ability we have also read their legal terms and checked their speed.

Some of the free VPN shortlisted by us after several tests are briefly reviewed in this write-up so that you can use them for torrenting safely without spending your fortune.

Types of Free VPN for torrenting

For torrenting two types of free VPN are used including 100% free VPN and Freemium VPN

  • Fully % free VPNs are the VPNs that provide services of the lowest quality and are maintained ads. There are a few free VPNs of this type.
  • Freemium VPNs are the VPNs that are available for free as well as paid subscriptions. In their free versions, limited services are provided as compared to their paid versions. 

However, both types of free VPNs allow encrypted connection to the P2P network. A Freemium VPN can be good enough to ensure your anonymity and some of them may have a switch to kill malicious elements. On the other hand, no software is provided by a fully free VPN. To use a fully free VPN you will have to set up your OS or download third-party programs. They do not offer a Kill Switch.

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Review of some of the best free VPN for torrenting

1. ExpressVPN

Though it is a paid VPN still the money-back guarantee allows you to use it for free for 30 days. It is considered one of the best VPN in the world because it allows you to use it without any risk as all of its plans offer a guarantee to return your money within 30 days if you are not satisfied with its performance. This VPN allows you to use all the whistles and bells to ensure your security while sharing your torrent files. It also ensures your safety and security through its privacy policy, strong encryption system and strict policy if no-logs. It provides high-speed connections from 148 locations through its more than 1500 servers. It also promises to provide 24/7 excellent customer support and unthrottled unlimited bandwidth to use it on various types of devices. In March 2021, the price of one year plan of ExpressVPN has been reduced by 49% for a limited period with free usage for 3 months to attract new clients.

2. Free TunnelBear

It is one of the best free VPNs because of its features which allow you to manage different tasks including unblocking websites and torrenting anonymously. Moreover, it allows you to use it from 500 to 1000 MB per month for free without any ads and restrictions on speed. You can use this VPN on any platform due to its animated apps and beautiful design. For using free plans of this VPN you need not use any credit card even while registering a few accounts with different email addresses.

3. Windscribe VPN

This VPN available only o 11 servers, allows you to use it for free for up to 10 GB of data every month. It is recommended in the list of free VPNs because it offers the big benefit of having unlimited connections. The 10GB free data it allows you to use every month can be used for torrenting files in general. The security features of this free VPN include a strong system to block ads and the policy of no-logs. A slow speed due to a limited number of servers can be the drawbacks of this VPN still it is better than various other free VPNs.


It is a fully free VPN for torrenting that allows you to get unlimited traffic without spending even a penny. However, its downsides may include its slow speed, permission for logs, absence of kill switch and installation of a third party client as well as its availability for torrenting only on 2 locations.

5. VPN

The free version of this VPN offers a connection for only one device to use data up to 2GB every month. Other benefits of this free VPN include the availability of apps for main platforms like iOS and Android as well as the high speed of connections. It can be used with L2TP, SSTP, IPSec, and PPTP for torrenting. Though it does not offer large data for free still 2GB of data per month can be enough for torrenting heavily. This VPN also ensures your security through its no-logs policy. Though the free version of this VPN is available for 3 servers only still it allows you to download an unlimited number of torrents through only one connection. All the negativities of this VPN have been subsidized by its ease of use.

6. Kaspersky VPN

It is another safe and free VPN for torrenting. It limits the traffic you can get every day up to 200-300 MB depending on the fact that you have a functional account with antivirus software Kaspersky. Moreover, it connects you automatically to its network which means that you are not allowed to choose your location to use this VPN. This free VPN is safe for torrenting because of the no-logs policy and latest methods of encrypting data provided to its users.

7. Hotspot Shield

This free VPN for torrenting allows you to use 500 MB of data every day for free only for the users in the US. But it includes several ads also. Though it offers a limited amount of data to use for free every day still it is enough to meet your daily torrenting needs. You can use it to download almost 100 songs even if a full movie cannot be downloaded through it. Though it uses a military-grade encryption system to protect your data, it does not offer many security features offered in its premium version, in its free version. But as you connect to this VPN, the popping up ads can be its most frustrating feature. You can still use it if you do not have any problem with these ads.

8. PrivateVPN

This is a premium VPN but it can also be used for free for a trial period of 7 days with some of the technological devices compatible with it. It offers unlimited bandwidth, data, and speeds along with a friendly network for torrenting. It secures its users with its no-logs policy and military-grade security system. It can be used for torrenting with BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze,, and Deluge, etc. It can be used for streaming programs from Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, and BBC iPlayeretc. This VP is compatible with macOS, Windows, Chrome, Windows Mobile, Opera, and Firefox, etc.

You can try this premium VPN for free for a trial period of 7 days even without making any payment to sign up with it. Though they will ask for your personal details when you will register for an account but they will not use it to trace your private data, online activities, and IP address.

9. Betternet

It is another completely free VPN that allows you to use free data up to 500 MB every day through some of the technical devices compatible with it. It is a P2P-friendly VPN that offers free services even without any registration. It works efficiently with, uTorrent, Deluge, BitTorrent, and Vuze. It allows you to stream programs from Kodi, Spotify, and YouTube. It is compatible with Windows, Android, Chrome, macOS, and iOS. It does not access or records any private information of its users including their payment details, name, or email address. But it limits the use of free data to 500 MB per day only. You can use this data to upload photos to the cloud, spread downloads across networks, or share videos every day for a few minutes.

Can a free VPN be used for torrenting?

Yes, a free VPN can be used for torrenting like paid VPNs because the basic technology used in free and paid VPNs is the same. But there will be a considerable difference in the services provided by the free and paid VPNs as expected in any other field.

Risks of using free VPNs

When you use a free VPN then you must know what to expect from it and what you will lose. While using a free VPN you may not use some of the most important features of the paid VPNs. While using a paid VPN you can be sure that your data, IP address, and personal information will be protected effectively but you cannot be sure in this regard while using a free VPN.

A free VPN can sell your information, can infect your device with dangerous malware, send unlimited ads, and do not encrypt your data but such things may not be expected with a paid VPN.

When you use a free VPN then the main purpose of using it is compromised. A VPN is normally used to protect your personal information which may not be possible with a free VPN. So it is important to choose a VPN carefully.

Things to consider while choosing a Free VPN for Torrenting

While choosing a VPN you must go for one that allows you to share torrent files if you are finding one mainly for this purpose. The VPNs you choose should have security, privacy, allocation of bandwidth, and speed of downloading as their main features.

The VPN you choose for torrenting must have a strict policy of no-logs and a clear policy of privacy. It should also be able to provide you the best security through its strong encryption system. It should also protect from DNS leaks and has a kill switch. If you are using it to download torrent files then the VPN you have selected must allow you to download at a high speed to finish the task quickly

Is it worth using a free VPN?

Everyone who wants to share torrent files may like to use free VPNs. It can be on a trial basis before investing in the paid VPN. But one cannot experience the real benefits of a VPN while using a free VPN. With a free VPN, there are several limitations like limited speed, limited bandwidth, and limited connectivity, etc. To make money many free VPN can show you unlimited ads or sell your information, which hampers the main purpose of using a VPN. So it is not worthy to use a free VPN for torrenting files.


Though it is not really safe and reliable to use a free VPN as you will have to compromise with them still you can find some of the best free VPN for torrenting in the market to use.