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How to Get Express VPN Free Trial for 30 Days

Today, people are connection with high speed internet and different devices. They all want to be connected because it makes their life more relaxed and enjoyable. With the impact of technology, people’s demand is increasing day by day that’s why many companies have emerged as a result of the increased customer demands as well as competition in business world. In this way, there are so many companies which provide different types of services such as internet service provider, online store booking website providers etc.. among those companies one is named as Express VPN which provides online security to its customers through its services.

So before going into any service you must check the company reputation and credibility for better performance because there are several cases where some companies have been caught doing illegal activities. So companies like Express VPN are popular all over the world for their services and products offering because they’re best in what they do

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Express VPN Free Trial

Express VPN Free Trial

Provides different types of packages to its customers which is based on their demands. For example, if you need only one device then you will be provided with Personal package (1 Month) at reasonable price. But now people want multiple devices simultaneously so at this demand company has developed Multi-Device package (12 Months) where you can use 4 devices with 1 Connection or subscriptions. This package provide user friendly environment where anyone can connect with high speed internet through different gadgets like smartphones tablets laptops etc..

So, the main aim is to tell people how to get Express VPN for free.

Let me briefly explain you that how can you get this great service for free? It’s simple;

There are 8 methods through which you can avail Express VPN services for 30 days at no cost on your desired devices. So let’s discuss these methods one by one-

Option #1. By Sharing A Link

The first method is sharing a link on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.. so people understand it easily and share it with their contacts to get more benefit from the same company. But before sharing be sure about the fact that Express VPN provides Free Trial of 30 Days only once in a month so if anyone has already tried his luck then he/ will not able to get fresh new trial.

Option #2. By Downloading A VPN

The next method is to download a free VPN on your device and connect with any server available to get ExpressVPN for 30 days. You can do it through different websites like- CNET, Softonic etc… where you will find some apps which will work for sure but make sure about the fact that these apps are not harmful in terms of viruses or anti-viruses because virus can destroy your computer system so if you’ll not have good anti-virus then don’t try it otherwise just use option 1 instead.

Option #3. Speed Test

This method doesn’t require any special explanation as this is my personal favorite from all the mentioned methods. It’s a very simple and easy way to avail Express VPN trial in 30 days. You just need a good speed internet connection with no firewall or restrictions.

there you will get a big button named as START TEST NOW, click on it and it will automatically open the page of speed test where your download speed will be checked from different servers around the world. If you have more than 25 MBS then there is nothing to worry about but if you have below that then don’t worry because all these methods are beneficial for you so choose any method according to your demand and requirements.

Option #4. By Sharing A Referral Code

This method is same as above one i.e. sharing a link on social media but this time you will get an extra benefit of more speed for free according to the plan you have chosen. You just need to visit Express VPN website and buy any plan that you want then share your referral code among friends and family members so that they can also enjoy this free trial offer of 30 days and it’s not necessary that you should buy anything from them because their main motive is only traffic and if someone has referred by your code then he/she will be benefited through reduced cost of subscription or package.

Option #5. By Sharing An Invitation Code

This method is same as option 3 but in this one, there is a chance to earn money with little efforts which previously was not there. Now you need to share your Invitation Code instead of Referral Code because this time people will get benefit from it who has already subscribed ExpressVPN service before-hand not for free (i.e. they have paid for the package) but now they can enjoy more options through your invitation code and on some special occasions, company gives huge cashback to users like some offer is available if someone will invite 100 users then he/she will be given 30 days free trial along with cashback in their wallet (i.e. money)

Option #6. By Watching Videos

The next method i.e watching videos online doesn’t require any sort of investment or activity but just surfing through different pages of website will give you reward points which you can use later on to avail their services free of cost.

there you will find different sections like category wise videos so watch anything according to your choice and earn reward points which you can spend later on.

Option #7. By Answering Questions

The most difficult method but can be beneficial for users who are professionals or students because they just need some extra knowledge about VPN’s and its working then this is the best option available for them where they can earn money through learning something new which is not possible without internet access or any books nowadays. You just need to visit express VPN official website and start answering questions related to VPN’s, different technologies used in VPN’s and other related stuff. You can also give your answer to any other question than you will get benefit from it

Option #8. By Inviting Friends

The last but not less beneficial method i.e inviting friends for this amazing free trial offer which is only possible through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. So invite your friend who might be interested in using VPN’s and tell them about this glorious offer too they can also avail it easily. This time you will get extra benefit of more speed according to the plan you have chosen with your referral code or invitation code so don’t forget to use that one.

After reading above mention methods now there can’t be any confusion that how to avail ExpressVPN free trial offer because they all are very simple and easy way to enjoy every feature of express vpn without paying any subscription fee for 30 days.

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Express VPN Free Trial FAQs:

Q. What is Express VPN?

ExpressVPN provide the fastest VPN service in the industry that definitely help you for unblocking site or content available in specific countries only like Netflix USA but if someone wants to access Netflix UK then they need to be British citizen so it’s not possible without using any third party tool which can fake their location according to what they want to access. Express VPN provides 256 bit encryption which helps user through secure internet connection over public WiFi hotspots, by hiding their IP Address (location) and through multiple server locations.

Q. How Does Express VPN Work?

ExpressVPN has three working processes which are easily available on their site for users- Express VPN Desktop applications, mobile applications and manual installation process of manuals on routers. Whenever any user wants to access internet then firstly data goes to the device i.e. Router then router forwards that data to modem then modem sends that information to wifi settings or Ethernet Cable (Wired Connection) depending upon the type of connection established by user after that, that information is transferred over different network channels towards its final destination- websites URL’s.

So whenever request comes from your browser for accessing some website/URL’s it will be directed according to your selected location but if you want to change location then it will require some more steps like changing VPN server locations which is available on their site.

Q. How to Get Express VPN Free Trial?

First of all subscribe for expressVPN service then you will get 30 Days Free Trial in your email id by which you can enjoy their services freely during this duration or you can also share referral link with anyone and when they signup through your referral code, both of you will be benefited with extra 100 MB per day at the same location but make sure don’t use same IP Address because it’s against company policy and can charge ethically.

Q. Why Express VPN?

Express VPN is most trusted and reliable brand in the industry which provides services with high level of privacy, security and protection to its users across the world without any hassle and not like other service providers who sell their data or disclose that information with third party companies for making money by providing free internet access.

Q. Who Owns Express VPN?

Express VPN is a private company which was established in British Virgin Islands but now it’s working under Express VPN International Ltd so they are 5th largest IT company in the world which also its services on some other countries like USA, France, Canada etc.

About Express VPN

Express VPN was launched in 2009 and now it’s providing services to more than 145 countries across the world but most of its servers are located at British Virgin Islands (195 Servers) followed by US (87 Servers), France (25 Servers), Hong Kong(19 Servers) and Australia with 17 servers location. It has 4807+ server connections available on their site so you can download software for your OS according to requirement

Q. How Good is Express VPN?

Express VPN provides high quality service to its users with greatly enhanced performance especially when it comes to speed, security and protection. Its easy to use interface easily accessible on any device through which user can connect their desired servers within a few seconds without any interruption in between session. ExpressVPN is a trusted VPN brand that offers prompt customer support via live chat feature as well as they also have Frequently Asked Questions section if you have any issue or query but they are always available at online so there will be no long queue for your solution.

Q. Express VPN Price List.

Express VPN has three subscription plans i.e. Monthly, 6 Months and 12 Months with different promo codes.

Q. Can I use express vpn on multiple devices?

Yes, you can enjoy their services with three different subscriptions plans by using the same user account at the same time but they also allow to install software on 3 different devices simultaneously which is not available with other VPN service providers so don’t waste your time and money choose ExpressVPN today.

Q. Can I pay for express vpn with bitcoin?

Express VPN accepts many payment methods like PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card (Master & Visa) and American Express etc but now they are providing an extra feature that now you can pay for their services through Bitcoin or any E-Wallet of your choice or if you want to use Bitcoins as payment method than you will get 50% discount on your first month package plan so hurry up and grab this limited time offer now.

ExpressVPN has opened many branches around the world but it still wanted to open its door for those who want to be a part of their success and become an associate and start earning through referral program by sharing your personal invitation link with anyone.

Q. What is express vpn refund policy?

If you not satisfied with Express VPN services then they also provides Money Back Guarantee within 30 days after signup but due to strict company policies they may charge ethically if any usage detected from your account like torrenting over non-torrent ports etc.

Q. Why would I need express vpn?

Nowadays, internet has become a necessity of life because it provides us valuable information about anything you are looking for on web but along with some good sites, hackers also built fake websites to trap users into their fake system which allow them to extract valuable information or track your online activities so use secure VPN connection while browsing the internet to provide you some level of security and anonymity by encrypting data between your device and destination website which will hide your original IP address so no one can track down your location or online vpn torrentfreak

Q. Express VPN Review Reddit

ExpressVPN is highly preferred by Reddit users because they have filtered numerous posts from different sources where Redditors share their own experience after using ExpressVPN services for both personal and professional use. In fact, Express VPN subreddit has become the official subreddit for this brand due to its exclusive features and fast speed connections that’s why many people ask expressvpn reddit customer support service on Reddit from where they get quick response from professionals within a few minutes.

Q. Express VPN APK

Express VPN has its official Android app (latest version) which is available on Google Play Store but if you want to download APK file then check their official website and click on Download link now it will directly open in your device after clicking direct download option or QR code option.