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The Best Free VPN for Windows PC in 2021

Virtual private networks have gained popularity lately due to their impressive features for anonymity and privacy on the internet when it is required. Such requirement is a byproduct of different reasons like – governments censoring content or spying on the accessed content, restriction of streaming platforms restricting their content, ISPs throttling the connection, hackers stealing private data, and a lot more. Owing to all such issues, it isn’t a surprise as to why a lot of people are going for VPNs. However, once you’ve started searching, you realize that a lot of VPN platforms charge you a fee. Or the free ones just don’t provide good service.

Luckily not all VPN services that are available for free have limitations or are of low quality. Limitations can be applied with all, but considering that you’ve gotten a privacy-free service is something with which you can live.

Among the vital things for paying attention to when selecting right VPN is the security level offered, whether limitations are deal-breaker, or privacy level and existence of no-logging policy, with the type of information for accessing it.

There are lots of advantages of getting VPN software and downloading the best free VPN for PC would be great for requirements of users. When looking for the best VPN, the most vital thing would be to pay attention to the amount of security it provides with current no-logging feature, the existence of privacy with policy of no logging.

While paid options work great, you can easily find the best free VPN network for your security requirements. Here we state about the best free VPN for PC that you can get and how useful they are:

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Best Free VPN Software for PC

1. NordVPN – Overall the best VPN

NordVPN is renowned as the best free VPN for PC due to its strong privacy, premium security features, and higher speeds. The VPN servers are included with Ad-blocker, Firefox, and Chrome extensions. They offer 24/7 support for live chat. NordVPn is among most excellent VPN brands in the VPN industry. Through NordVPN users can get an option of dedicated IP with better VPN connectivity. The NordVPN is available with kill switch with the ability to link torrent through VPN. In the expert checks of VPN, testers didn’t get any privacy violation proofs.

In around all areas, NordVPNs present product can beat or match all competition. In the recent testing round, it dramatically improved again. The VPN service provider is always high on the ranking mainly because of provider’s custom protocol NordLynx launch. With this, the NordVPN links speeds up with more stability in a faster manner, even from far away servers.

Also, NordVPN doesn’t have any data constraints, so users can swap servers freely. Accessing Netflix is also simple. However, with single subscription, users can get access for six devices once.


  • Up to 5000 servers available in more than 59 countries
  • All-round stable and fast speeds
  • Great pricing offers
  • Powerful and simple UI
  • Top-grade VPN security
  • Netflix support


  • Limited torrenting abilities

No wonder with all such features and much more NordVPN has more than 59,000 App Store ratings, with 132,871 reviews and 4.6-star rating on Google Play Store.

2. ExpressVPN – Best Paid and Free VPN overall

ExpressVPN has earned the reputation of the best overall VPN service among users with its super reliable interface which offers maximum security and is superfast. ExpressVPN is ideal for HD/4K streaming. The VPN supports Firefox, Edge, and Chrome extensions with 24×7 chat support. For a long time, the ExpressVPN was at its peak on the list of best free VPN, and it is simple to know why.

The platform has more than 3,000 servers across 94 countries along with 160 sites, which can be selected.

ExpressVPN hosts a user-friendly interface making it ideal for learning beginners regarding VPNs. And the multiplatform usability can broaden the appeal for wider audience. The paid server is slightly higher compared to average VPN costs and starts at $6.67 per month and it is justified through all these factors.

Express VPN makes use of industry-standard authentication with various other standards such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and IKEv2 for ensuring data protection. Perhaps, the best appealing thing in this VPN service is the Light way protocol that improves its reliability and speed.

Over the three-day course, VPN experts conducted ExpressVPN speed checks through both Ethernet and wireless connections. In US, internet speeds widely vary through supplier and state. And the outcomes of all speed tests are based on local networks, with hyper-fast internet access that yields quicker test outcomes.


  • High speeds across various server locations
  • Highly advanced security for both servers and apps
  • Works well in the UAE and China 
  • 24/7 support through live chat
  • Can easily unblock streaming sites from abroad
  • Zero logs


  • Doesn’t have live call support
  • Limited configurations and settings 

3. Free ProtonVPN

This is the best free VPN for PC – with unlimited data allowance and you won’t have to pay a single dime.

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux / server support: 3 countries


  • No monthly limit on data
  • Full feature set
  • Works great for maintaining privacy
  • Ideal for speed throttling


  • Has limited Support

Proton VPN is among the best free VPN for PC networks that you can get. The software has the stand-out feature with zero limits on data that can be used with VPN usage, as there is more for admiring outside of that.

This reminds us for not beginning with headline of selling point, though. The ProtonVPN doesn’t impose any restrictions on data. In other words, you can easily use as much data as you would like to – which is quite rare for any free VPN service (as you’lll know through others in the guide) and it is handy when you wish to use VPN to stream.

The service is available for servers from three locations worldwide: in the Netherlands, Japan and US. This works great when you were searching for checking a Netflix show, or when you wish to see any Japanese niche content that you’re not currently able to watch from your country.

There are various clients of Mac, Windows, or of course, applications for iPhone and Android. On the desktop, we like option of toggling on automatic connections when starting the computer. Also, a few unusual freebie features are included like leak protection of DNS and split tunneling.

There are many limitations in the free plan for incentivizing and upgrading to the paid offering. However, with this, the free users aren’t prioritized in terms of speed when compared to paid subscribers. No P2P support is available either and different speeds drop at peak times when various users remain around and the paying folks are prioritized. So when doing this for streaming, you should be prepared for odd buffering bit.

However, if you can live with it, this would be an impressive provider with stricter policy of no logging, and you’ll be able to sign up through only a username and email id.

4. TunnelBear – Effortless Identity Protection

The software is supported on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android and offers server support for more than 20 countries with 500 MB of data usage per month. For any queries or complaints, you get live chat-enabled support.


  • The VPN service is user-friendly
  • Is ideal for both desktop and mobile clients
  • Works on decent speeds


  • Not a lot of settings, features, and options
  • Inadequate data limits

TunnelBear has a mild and simple design, but this is a free option, mainly after getting acquired by the internet security giant, McAfee. Users can select from free or paid subscription options.

The best thing about having this free plan is that you’re offered the advantage of choosing from over 20 countries. And recently TunnelBear tuned the privacy policy, so now it can also collect low user data-removing requirement of supply to the first name for signing up, and ditching record of the number of lifetime connections in total.

5. Shield Free Hotspot VPN

The Shield Free hotspot VPN is among the best free VPN for PC that you can have and is simple to use.

The VPN service is compatible with: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android/ server support: 1 country/ provides 500 MB limit usage per day.


  • Has features of premium version
  • Can be used simply


  • Has only single server
  • Large Google related problems

Premium version Hotspot Shield can take the place among top paid services on internet and indeed has 1st slot in quickest VPN countdown. The VPN is of little surprise that the free version is renowned.

Users who are accessing free plan have 500 MB usage data limit daily (thus about 15GB in a month). It can sound a little restrictive but is compared to one or two available on the list, and it is actually among the generous limits (although, of course, not patch on unlimited data that you’re getting with paid-for services).

When you’re only concerned about the security, then Hotspot is of same wavelength and boasts same level of “military-grade encryption” offered through premium VPNs.

Additionally, with the security, the Hotspot Shield Free has also performed great on plaudits on the testing for user-friendliness. Whether the VPN service is run on phone or desktop, you won’t find it as complicated as other service providers.

The paid version lets you change server to any of the 70 countries and can access almost all premium grade features. However, with the free version you only get US location, and you’ll get interrupted with ads with 2mpbs speed limitation.

6. Windscribe – Free Best VPN to enhance Security


  • Provides minimum 10 servers for free
  • Malware and Adware blocker with browser extension
  • Inbuilt firewall for desktop client
  • Allows split tunneling on Android application


  • Logs higher data
  • 10 Gb monthly usage limit

Windscribe VPN works well on almost all devices including smartphones, laptops, and Windows desktops as well. Desktop clients are available for Mac, Linux, Windows, and applications are for Android and iOS. The service browser extensions are for Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. Windscribe also has an application for Amazon Fire TV.

A great plus point of using Windscribe VPN service is the browser extension which includes social network block feature and ad-tracking. The software blocks all ads tracks social widgets and malware that can be used for tracking browsing activity.

Even though you might not click on them they can still track all your browsing data. Windscribe blocks all such widgets so you can easily browse web without getting tracked through Twitter, Facebook, and other such social networks.

Policy for Data Logging

Windscribe VPN doesn’t store or track identifying data like real IP addresses and the visited websites while connecting to VPN. However, they log more info, including the data used in the sessions.

7. Surfshark – Overall a Reliable Free VPN


  • Access to Netflix and Torrents
  • Split tunneling
  • Encryption for AES-256


  • Free VPN lasts only for 30 days
  • You get Static IP addresses

SurfShark has free trial period of a month. However, the trial period has its benefits. People aren’t limited on how you can use VPN for data, speed, or server limits, so we can accurately try it out. Also after the ending of the trial month, the prices don’t break your bank.

Get Simultaneous unlimited Connections

We have lots of time on the internet; sometimes on the laptops, watching Netflix on Chrome cast and checking on Instagram on phones at the same time. Thus we require VPN that doesn’t limit the devices that we’re simultaneously connecting with. However, with Surfshark, you get the benefit of using unlimited connections at the same time. Not only it has that but it also works on various devices like:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Xbox

Surfshark also has browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

Access to Netflix

It’s no secret that Netflix doesn’t like VPNs. After getting pressure from Studios and TV networks, they’ve blocked many IP addresses from VPNs. You’ll just have to finish the Netflix show in another country and then you can switch regions with Surfshark.

8. CyberGhost – A great VPN service for Android

CyberGhost is popular for its promptness and strong privacy settings. The VPN software provides you premium masking features such as:

  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Ad-blocker
  • Firefox and Chrome Extensions
  • 24/7 support for live chat

VPN experts also laud CyberGhost in the list of various competitive features by CNET before virtual private networks coverage. The current version of CyberGhost VPN includes more servers with new tools for privacy. Users can try the CyberGhost for 45 days for free.

Cyberghost has VPN support for some time and is available with user base of up to ten million. The VPN service has a wide presence of over 6,500 servers present across 90-odd countries, Mac, Windows, iOS, torrents, Android apps, with support for live chat, the company also covers all basics.

CyberGhost does well for users on Windows desktop with its minimalistic simple to use interface. When a user searches explicitly for a torrent or a stream, it links them with right server.

Cyberghost makes it easy to unblock website content and users don’t face any problem through the process. On the speed test, CyberGhost performs well and offers great speed. The Windows client also offers split-tunneling and the servers are grouped neatly in user-friendly categories: torrent-oriented servers, NoSpy servers, static IP servers, streaming servers. No limits for data have been enforced through CyberGhost and unlimited server switching is available.

9. Speedify – Get better speeds and servers with security

Speedify VPN is among the best free VPN for PC which is compatible with: Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android and has available servers in more than 50 countries with 2GB data limit per month usage.

The name speedify has the main aim as free VPN provider: for ensuring that you’ve benefited from encryption, and the internet connection has as much speed as possible. For ending it, the provider uses all the connections for best performance that prospectively combines, say (fixed broadband), and Ethernet connection with the tethered mobile connection. Even when you only have a single internet connection type, the company claims that the turbocharging technology speeds up everything.

The free VPN plan offers total access to servers (similar to subscription options), only restriction of free offering is that you’ve got limited data for downloading. Free users are provided with 2GB limit per month which isn’t much but is ideal for email works and basic surfing.


  • Nifty tech for maximum performance
  • Users get maximum privacy


  • Few controls of low levels

The best thing about this VPN service is its speed granting technology as it has delivered solid performance in testing.

10. – a robust VPN service for privacy-conscious people

The service is supported on: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and has 5 available servers and 10GB per month data usage limit with 24/7 support for live chat.


  • Strong on the privacy part
  • No speed throttling or advertisements


  • Only limited to a single device

With VPN users get access to both free and paid features, with the former allowing 2GB data monthly. Also, there are other limits as well: As you’re able to connect only to a maximum of single device and are limited to five server locations (like Canada and US VPN) instead of 50+ locations that subscribers get.

On plus side, however, the provider doesn’t throttle free user’s connection speed and further can promise that it isn’t keeping stores, logs, and user data. Also, users can be sure that doesn’t pass on private data to any third party for making profits. Also, there are no available advertisements.

The VPN service also provides native software for Mac, Windows PC, iOS, and Android, with smart design for Windows client. The software delivered impressive performance on tests and offers a 24/7 tech support to free users as well. Overall, VPN is among the best free VPN for PC software that maintains privacy without many restrictions.